A Reply Regarding Sinister Fiction


Given the recent discussion regarding the Sinister Fiction of the ONA on Anna Czerada’s blog, Wyrdsister wrote the following:

“They can and should be surpassed by those possessing the abilities. If they have the effect of inspiring some Initiates of the Darker Path to creativity, to surpass them and create something better, then one of their many functions will have been achieved.”

Thus one might ask such critics: where are their works of occult fiction – which are better than the Deofel Quartet – with interesting (if entirely fictional) characters and interesting (if entirely fictional) plots? Where are their fictionalized accounts of those people historically involved with whatever occult tradition they follow or have been inspired by?

I felt it fair to offer my own attempts at instructional fiction within our tradition for judgement, given I had criticised the fictional tales for their at times shallow feminism.

Our Lady of Silence, being a short account of rural worshippers of Nythra https://yorkshirerounwytha.wordpress.com/2017/03/19/our-lady-of-silence/

Cuairt Coimhgi, being a short piece detailing a rite pertinent to the Drakon Covenant tradition https://yorkshirerounwytha.wordpress.com/2016/12/12/cuairt-coimhgi-2/

The Moor is currently written across two publications, with a pdf of the full story being potentially available via personal request (at the publisher’s approval, as they are good friends). To summarise the plot of The Moor:

The setting is in Yorkshire, and features many locales particular to the occult history of this land.

The central protagonist, Annalise is an External Adept of ~30 years old who, having by chance acquired a strange book during her youth, and spending much time deciphering the book, is led by it toward a path of paganism and vampiric practises. The book, having been written by an individual living several decades prior, contains knowledge detailing the Sevenfold Way as well as an anterior, vampiric tradition which appears to be rooted in the indigineous practises of pre-Celtic Britain (and the second publication in which The Moor is included explores in a non-fiction manner such an anterior tradition). The author, a ‘Morain’ of the Covenant tradition communed with certain extraterrestrial forces through accidental contact/possession brought about by experiments in astronomical engineering.

The story thus follows the progress of a second and third protagonist, Alexander and Siofra under the tutelage of Annalise who, as an External Adept guides her coven, battling with and assassinating members of a rogue enterprise headed by a former student of hers. The story follows both Alexander’s and Siofra’s advancement as well as Annalise’s increasing move toward Internal Adept, and the first part culminates in her leaving for the wilderness, placing the running of affairs in Siofra’s hands. Prior to her leaving, Annalise and Siofra engage in a Sapphic rite which impregnates Siofra with a nascent essence which will become relevant later in the story.

The second part of the story involves the gradual ensnaring of the rogue student and his eventual culling at a ceremony headed by a newly returned Annalise. The book of Morain is finally deciphered in its entirety and the resting place of the author is discovered, being buried in a Crypt beneath the church ruins of Heptonstall. The story also fleshes out the life of the author of the book of Morain and his communion with the Dark Gods via his machines.

The coven find the tomb of Morain and Annalise claims a crystal in the Morain’s grasp, flooding her with dark energies and initiating her as the true heir of the Covenant.

Siofra and Alexander, who have grown close during these events fall pregnant and Siofra gives birth to a child they name Morgatha (a figure in Drakon Covenant tradition who it is believed is instrumental in unifying the tradition as a whole and assisting in the presence of Vindex, with some believing She will be the mother of Vindex).

It thus stands to the scrutiny of other readers whether this story and its plot matches the efforts or the Deofel Quintet and if it does go so far as to incite and inspire a future generation of Sinister initiates.


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Drakon Covenant


Being an aural prophecy recorded by the Covenant regarding the Void Mother cult’s Destiny


Hymns rise to sing praise of She, the Void Mother. Prime devourer of the world, Mother of all death- Nythra be praised above all.

For She has prepared a place for all Her devotees to dwell, a vast and shadowed void hidden amongst the stars.

Within this land, the Void Mother’s kingdom, there are Dark Galaxies nestled within, prepared for us, sculpted and carved lovingly. It is these kingdoms which have been put aside for Her followers to inhabit.

And She has called this void realm the Convalescence.

60 kingdoms lay within the cold kingdom. They spill with abundant materials, each a paradise for the devotees of the Void Mother to enjoy. It is their destiny to colonise these kingdoms and make their home in the Void realm, becoming children of the Convalescence.

There each individual…

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On The Matter Of My Politics


On the question of politics (one which a certain portion of my detractors and biographers seem fixated upon), I can now only give my own limited understanding and perspective on matters relevant to it.

Conventional politics is a tired and pacifying past time, a nasty and truly divisive point scoring game which words cannot begin to express; thus my statement made here is only to my past as a revolutionary political activist and those of similar bent from both sides of the spectrum, that which I refer to here as the ‘Political Ideologue’.

There is little which a singular individual can come to understand, given so little time here on this earth which we are each allotted. The very answers and conviction one ideologue may give can easily be reflected in the answers and conviction of their counterpart or opponent. For everyone believes they have the answer, that their way is correct and that all others are simply in error. Yet, for all their propagandising, their arguing and their politicising, these individuals only ever bring one thing to this world and to those humans surrounding them- and that is suffering. That is all the revolutionary political ideologue can bring into this world.

For all the moral convictions and posturing of those political ideologues whom have taken it upon themselves to oust me as some sort of neo-nazi or Satanist, they have merely brought more suffering into this world- whether it be through their ill-sighted and brutish violent rhetoric (exemplified in such immature slogans such as ‘bash the fash’) or through their own galvanisation and alienation of all those who do not buy into their essentially flawed and ideological worldview- be they friends or even familial members. For all the claims to ‘fight against those who spread violence and division in our community’, I have seen only they spreading such things. This word ‘community’ is simply a weapon used by these ideologues (as well as the higher up political class who are just as morally bankrupt) to signal to the indifferent masses that they are the moral paragon and that they are doing a good service for them, even if they do not ask for such.

How many ideologues do we see, rushing to put the world to rights and usng only anger, fearmongering and often violence to assert this perceived error? Furthermore, how many do we see who neglect the more important issues of individual development and responsibility? So many of these would-be revolutionaries carry considerable character deficiencies, flaws and errors in judgement. I was no different, and was perhaps a classic case of just such a person; an individual who bore hubris, violence and a narcisstic lack of self reflection in place of experiental wisdom, possessing profound errors which were wholly ignored for the pursuits of some abstract worldview due to simple and arrogant pride. So much more could have been gained, so much less lost if only I had focused on the immediacy and importance of life and all that life had to offer.

This then, is one primary issue with such political ideologues. The placing of abstract ideals and beliefs over one’s own kin and community, over the reasoned and rational ability to debate and simply disagree; the mature choice to understand that some individuals, as they are, simply have a different perspective by virtue of having lived a very different life to your own.

I am therefore no longer a political person. My views on such are non-existent. The wider world has brought nothing but pain, suffering and confusion to me, whether this be my own admitted cause or simply by chance and the ignobility of other life.

During my darkest and most sorrowful recent times, having survived a hasty attempt on my own life, two individuals took it upon themselves to take care of me above all others. One was an Iranian, currently living in Europe who travelled from his home country to stay with me and ensure I was well. The other was a woman possessing views one would class as ‘nationalist’ or ‘racist’ according to the more progressive. Only she came to rescue me when I sat, broken and bandaged in some hospital having lost everything I held dear.

My former comrades would have denounced or at the very least questioned my bond with the Iranian; the supposed moral paragons of the ‘anti-fascist’ circles would have denounced or at the very least questioned my bond with the ‘nationalist’. Yet both these individuals, with little care for the nature of each other (they are in actuality good friends), tended to me as I slowly, with much tears, rebuilt the fragments of my life.


For those then who still wish to see a change in this irreverent world (and they would do well to remember many more have come before them with the very same conviction, and many more passed having made little difference at all), my simple advice would be this: turn inward, benefit yourself and your local community, and work toward making your present, your immediate environment a better place to live. Were everyone to live like this, then perhaps things would be much simpler, swifter to resolve when issues arise and a genuine pride in one’s home would arise.

There is nothing wrong with such pride; the issue stems when a rigid adherence to dogmatic abstractions takes precedence above and beyond one’s living experience and one’s own kin.

This then, is my personal statement to any and all who seek to vilify, hound or enquire regarding my personal ‘political stance’: I have taken my fill of the world, and now find it and its many ideologies and pursuits vain distractions from the immediacy of life. Marxist, Socialist, Nationalist- all are distracting abstractions which force the individual to see the world through a particular lens and ignore the spectrum of experience which does not readily fit into these lenses. I hold personal honor, personal responsibility and the will to live as a truly free individual as the supreme laws of life.

Any statement issued in reply to this by said ideologues simply does not matter; it will simply be one made from the very position of narcisstic insistence which I sought to outline above, and thus its words, it opinions will simply not matter to me nor have any relevance to my own simple, personal life. Indeed, any use of my image and name for one’s personal moral justifications may continue; but such use will be in wilful error and will render you ideologically hollow. For you will know that I do not represent whichever ‘ism’ you happen to be crusading against. And perhaps you will hopefully see then how all ideologues construct as they do hasty worldviews to justify their own violence and shortcomings in life.

This is not however some renouncement of my past in order to live a life of ‘tolerance’ or ‘understanding’. These are virtues any intelligent individual should possess, and I certainly do not need to make an arrogant political stance out of them. Any and all political stance is to me flawed when it begins to place abstractions above one’s experience of life. There will be no ‘witnessing the error of my ways’; all paths I have lived up till now have led me to this personal understanding, and which understanding has and will continue to allow me to make sense of life and continue to live it as I see fit. I simply see no more merit in viewing the world as I did, no more merit in living how I did. For I am done with this world and its people. And I am done with it’s immature attempts to save itself from its perceived evils.

There is simply Phainomenon and Numen. How one makes sense of these is up to the individual and their wise judgement.

-RF, 2017


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“The greatest wealth is to live content with little.”



The Dark Art of Shrenching


The following MS is an interesting (if somewhat outdated) manual regarding the particulars of shape-shifting as per Satanic strategy. Whilst the advice and examples may no longer hold full merit in this day and age of digitalisation and widespread surveillance, it may offer some inspiration to the novice and certainly provide a sense of nostalgia to those of us who have lived in such a manner in the past, with such a manner being conducive (and at times necessary) for those seriously wishing to advance along the Sinister path.


The Dark Art of Shrenching

Vindex And The Numen

Image result for rural yorkshire

There are many self professed satanists and practitioners of the Sinister tradition who find a place here on the internet in this latter day of instant communication and self expression, and who spend much time and energy (amongst other things) writing grand tracts or posturing their unique view on how the aims of an order such as the ONA or a satanic movement should be presenced and enacted in the modern age. The author is no exception from this observational critique, of course.

Many admittedly creative and bright individuals have for some years and decades all lent their efforts to how acausal forces can be presenced and give rise to a change within society, leading to the emergence of Vindex in its eventual and inevitable form, whatever that may be.

So few however, it seems question their place in the very system they claim to be opposed to; so few are painfully aware of just how necessary these mundane governments and rules of law are to their continued survival and safety as individuals. How many can (or will) eke out a living off the land, expressing and living a truly Pagan way of life by learning the ways of the soil and the natural world of which they claim to channel energies from?

So many talk of revolution, thinking only in terms of the ephemeral urban sphere, thinking only of urbane political upheaval, urbane political street fights, urbane political propaganda (that is, those select few who manage to progress beyond the online ego-posturing and roleplaying and who have the gall to recognise such struggle may very well be a necessity in the future, should the aims of the Sinister be seriously considered).

This conditional approach, relying as it does upon the existence within and reliance upon the cosmopolitan edifices which the Magian has built for the very purpose of entrapment and subjugation, is inherently flawed; childish in its belief that one can fight against a foe whilst expecting this foe to feed, house and clothe it. A true revolution against a system such as the current Western one (and many such agrarian revolts exist as examples), infected as it is with the cosmopolitan Magian worldview, must essentially be that of wilful emancipation from the urban sphere, a return to a more rural way of living and a move toward becoming more self-sufficient ; no longer relying upon the apparent wretched system to feed and nurture us. Instead, we should begin to develop and move toward self reliance, self integrity and a slow, pernicious return to a more genuine existence- a removal from the rush and slavery of city life.

You cannot overthrow the current order by yourself. And you cannot claim to fight against it whilst paying taxes and perpetuating it’s consumer capital memes and produce. You can however remove the influence which it has upon you, thus achieving a very real and genuine liberation in life beyond the vague notions of such espoused by largely modern and largely inept ‘satanic’ ideologues.

This then, is how we create a new society. By establishing these self reliant and honorable homesteads and communities, who choose to cooperate together and who work free from impersonal concepts such as profit and debt based monetary gain, ultimately free from the chaos and conflict that such urban living inevitably breeds.

It is through such a Numinous way of living that a new species may arise, one imbued with a natural empathy which comes from an intimate living with the soil itself.

And it is from such a Numinous society and it’s consequent species (and only from such) that Vindex may eventually emerge.


Vindex and A Numinous Rural Society

Who is Vindex then, ultimately? Many strive to compare Him/Her/It to historical figures such as Julius Caesar or Adolf Hitler, making the (innocent) mundane mistake that Vindex is a simple expression of warrior might or conquest, a rebellious figure to rightfully emulate and assume will eventually, in full messianic fervour, emerge from the rank and file of Sinister Initiates and Adepts.

However Vindex will emerge is currently unknown; however, it can be safely said He/She/It has not emerged yet. This alone should be lesson enough that the current system and approach of the aforementioned Initiates and Adepts is not conducive to such an emergence. A defiant and deliberate change in the manner in which we live must emerge among us. As Myatt wrote in his ‘Mythos of Vindex’:

“we have now arrived at the stage of our human evolution when we can not only, and for the first time, consciously understand ourselves, but when we can consciously decide how we are to react, and what it is that we should do. That is, we have become much more than thinking animals who possess the faculty of speech, for we possess the ability to conscious change, and to consciously control, and evolve, ourselves. Or, expressed, another way, we now know how to – and have the opportunity to – access and to presence, the numinous itself; to access and to presence that which refines, dignifies, and evolves us; that which makes us human, which can enable us to live numinous lives, and to fulfil the potential latent within us and so take us out to live among the star-systems of our Galaxy and of other Galaxies.”

Vindex can be most adequately expressed by the concept of Expansion: the spread of life through it’s envrions, the overcoming of the challenges these environs may pose, and the evolution wrought via such a natural dialectic of this expansion and challenge. There is no need to envision a brutal overthrowing of the old order, nor a need to think in terms of old Aeon revolutions and civil wars; What Vindex is and can be is simply the evolutionary growth of the Numen embodied in an intelligent and aware species. We will become Vindex when we evolve and spread beyond the confines of this Earth planet (those of us who choose to do so, that is).

The evolution necessary for such a change is exemplified most perfectly in the Pathei-Mathos of a tradition such as Hebdomadry; the combined experience and lessons of all those who have come before us exists for us to draw upon and guide ourselves through life with; be it the traditional followers of the Seven Fold Way, the reclusive wild witches known as the Rounwytha, or those Dreccian rebels who live according to no law beyond that of Personal Honour and Kindred.

Yet all these things have been written many times before, and undoubtedly will be written again. Such words will fall on deaf ears until the individual reading them has gone forth and truly lived what is being argued for here; when the Initiate has merged with the Dark Gods and seen through the chaos into the Numinous essence; when he/she has come to learn of and appreciate a wordless flowing with the spirit of the land and listened to the quiet Grail within the blood (when he/she has grasped the inner meaning of Blood & Soil, that is).

Such a way is simple, and requires only an emancipation from the urban struggle and the beginnings of a new way of living. From such new ways will come new folk, and from such new folk, new societies. Thence will we witness the emergence of Vindex among us.

“There is therefore no mystery regarding how new clans and tribes can be brought-into-being. Nothing political or even overtly revolutionary about them. For they begin by some individuals, who share a common ethos, and/or a common folkish heritage, consciously deciding to live and work together in an area or locality they feel, or discover, an affinity for. Over many generations, such new clans and tribes may quite naturally develope into a new folk community with their own traditions, often derived from their ancestors.” 

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Exeat: The Sinister Western Tradition



‘The City of Beholdyng’, Richard Moult. Calanais Stones, Outer Hebrides

The following MSS is intended as a companion to Eira: A Satanic Guide to Future Magick. It further explicates the nature and aims of the Satanic Sinister Way, as exemplified by the Order of Nine Angles.

The Dark Tradition has been maintained over the ages by a few Initiates working in secret. This work involves presencing and increasing ‘cosmic forces’ – that is, implementing a Will to more Life, more ‘flow’, to thus keep alive the essence that lifeless dogmas seek to suppress.

Because of this active vivifying of the ‘essence’, the archetypical Sinister Adept is at the forefront of our species because they have gone further than any other individual in their experiencing of Life and the Cosmos.

Nature will always require the presence of such Sinister beings, whatever the Aeonic current, for without them there is no evolution. Initiates of the Sinister Tradition are woven into the fabric of Cosmic Life.

This present volume attempts to succintly describe the truth of the Satanic Tradition: a Way so simple, yet so difficult to practice.

O9A, 1998 eh

I) The Satanic

A Satanic individual and organization represents – or strives to represent – one fundamental thing: Beyond. Satanism itself is a way to presence pure acausal forces and the Satanist an insightful individual who directsthose forces in the real world via appropriate causal forms. Satanism itself is not, unlike “paganism”, a way for the majority/the ‘masses’. It does not seek to defend what is often by conventional standards utterly indefensible.

It is instead that one factor which drives all genuine Occult quests – the Mystery itself. Throughout the Aeons, this factor has been presenced within each civilization via a particular esoteric elite. This “elite” however is not some ego-enthralled ‘secret society’ or organization comprising of a multitude of ‘members’. It is instead a living, changing expression of what is always beyond contemporary understanding, earthed in a few usually isolated and extraordinary individuals. It is true, in one sense, to say that these individuals are born, not made. They possess, because of who they are, an empathy, a certain desire – a certain aura…Ultimately, theirs is not a sinister ‘role’, but a way of Being – they are the Satanic drive; they are natural and do not pretend to be anything other than themselves.

To be a “Satanist” therefore is to be someone of a very particular character: it is not, as it is in conventional “paganism”, an adoption of a cultural world-view with its collection of customs, uniforms, ‘laws’ and subsequent expected modes of behavior. And it is not, as some will inevitably perceive, a form in competition with other ‘occult/pagan’ groups and paths: it is autonomous, and states Satanically what it believes. As long as Satanic creativity inspires a future generation of Sinister Adepts, then it matters little who ‘agrees’ or ‘disagrees’.

And thus, for non-Satanists, one of the most unsettling characteristics of a Satanic individual is their arrogance. Satanists have a particular ‘arrogance’ because they strive to live by and implement the grandest of Human ideals. The grandest ideals lie in surpassing what is conventionally regarded as the greatest of achievements by the greatest of individuals. All things, including ‘the gods’ of conventional paganism, can be surpassed (qv. In the Realm of Gods).

To achieve what is greater, arrogance – fierce fanatical belief – is required. This approach will, on appearance, seem ‘unbalanced’ to some, perhaps even hubristic. But what is hubristic – that is, what is insolent towards Nature – is behavior without the formation of experience, rational thought and self-awareness: it is personal behavior that exerts control over the individual via often unconscious and selfish forces.

Satanic arrogance is essentially supra-personal, and is the empowerment to act which comes from hard-earned knowledge. A Satanic individual does not believe themselves to be personally infallible, but is prepared to learn from their own mistakes and experiences to thus further refine what is Sinister/Satanic. These ‘mistakes’, these acts of being Human, are regarded as gifts of Insight along what is an incredible and dangerous journey.

Empowered by pride, the Satanist will not conform to any accepted ‘realistic’ vision and strategy concerning the evolutionary purpose of Life. Without some individuals believing – knowing – that all things can be surpassed, there is no inventiveness, no daring, no risks, no genius: no evolution.

Thus, one is either ‘Satanic’ or one is not. And what is ‘Satanic’ is quite simply the restless urge to explore and make new order out of undiscovered chaos – this is what Satan symbolizes beyond the known gods of folklore. (1)

If there are those who still do not understand, then they should consider the story of Prometheus. He, a mortal, defied the gods – and yes, as a consequence, was condemned for an eternity. But by his defiance and desire and sacrifice, he gave mankind possession of fire…

Academic debates concerning the actual origin of Satan and Satanism, while interesting, are not really important. The things described above – the particular ‘arrogance’, the ‘Beyond’ – are Satanic; not as a creed or dogma, but in a natural sense, according to the living nature of thos things.

Many will go the path of seeking acceptance – perhaps to inculcate the masses with a particular world-view. But while the many seek establishment, there must be others – the few – who ensure that the next stage exists, presenced in the defiance of all conventional and ‘understood’ things. Thus, is the Future made possible.


II) The Sinister

The presencing described above is also what is quintessentially Sinister. There is no fundamental division between what is Satanic and what is Sinister, since what is ‘Satanic’ is the gateway to what is Sinister. This is not a riddle, but a very simple truth.

What is Sinister is all that is described above – and more. Satan and Satanism are inextricably bound with what is Sinister, since the Way of Satanism is a practical application of the Sinister.

Because of the nature of Satanism, those who follow the Seven-Fold Way are fully aware that the Sinister also extends into a realm beyond Satan and Satanic methods. But that realm, for those following an esoteric path, can only be reached when the psyche is permanently changed via the ordeals of Satanism (ie. for individuals, the ‘Grade’ rituals – for civilizations, the magick of Aeons). This change within the psyche is not simply intellectual but organic, occuring of itself.

The nature and experiencing of this ‘realm’ is “Sinister” because:

a) for Sinister Adepts, it does not need to be described by words or images or musick, since it is lived within the individual;

b) for non-Initiates, it disrupts and unsettles because it cannot be grasped/understood via conventional – or “unconventional”  – modes of thinking.

For civilizations, this realm – because it is in essence the current of Life itself – must be presenced in ever more conscious ways in order to advance the possibilities of evolution. To seek the advancement of evolution is to enable the Destiny inherent within Life itself to be understood and implemented. In effect, this quest is genuinely Sacred because it seeks to fulfill the Will of the Cosmos.

Implicit in this quest is the deliberate creation and use of causal forms (words; images; ‘organizations’ – and so on) that possess the capacity to achieve the evolution described above. The effect of such a form in the causal world is that it provokes significant Change – the effect of that form is “Sinister”. [When there is no overt esoteric influences/guidance, this creativity is intuitive/mostly unconscious – and thus the life and efficacy of the resulting form is subject to the limitations of the personality of its creator].

Satanism is an esoteric Sinister form: it is explicitly and absolutely concerned with guiding individuals towards fulfilling the Will of the Cosmos. It is at the summit of what is Sinister because it deliberately seeks to cause Change in the causal world via the creation of new, devastating Aeonic forms, and strives to identify, enhance and champion the Aeonic forms that are already in existence. The criteria for this seeking has been much discussed: in essence it stems not from dogma but from Satanic rationale – that is, a reasoned apprehension beyond the personal and beyond the forces which seek to influence the personal (ie. ‘cultures’; ‘counter-cultures’; ‘ideas’ and so on).

The primary goal of the Sinister methods of Traditional Satanism is to create an individual who is the living embodiment of the Sinister: that is, this individual, by following the Seven-Fold Way, becomes Change itself (2). Thus, unlike those who are dogmatically dedicated, Satanists not only express the “Satanic” and refine and extend those methods, but are able (of necessity) to create and maintain many other forms – some exoteric – in order to enable cosmic evolution as a whole (3). To non-Satanists, such an individual is perplexing, elusive and apparently contradictory.

But that is not all: a genuine Sinister Magickian, because their concern is with cosmic evolution, also enables the acausal itself to evolve beyond what is possible to be accessed at any given period in causal time. This skilled practitioner of the arts of Life has been recalled throughout the ages as a ‘Merlin’ figure: an individual who is always one step ahead…

ONA teachings have constantly stressed the necessity for would-be Sinister Adepts to strip away all influences in order to achieve the synthesis with the current of Life/the cosmos/the Sinister Being. THis stripping away really does apply to all things – including what passes for the ‘esoteric’ in present Western culture: “paganism”; ceremonial magick; spells; folklore; and symbols. Quite simply, this “stripping away”, this alchemical process, is the Sinister Tradition.

Thus, what is “Sinister” is not what is embodied in the above conventional “esoteric” aspects. The above aspects may be crafted to presence the Sinister, but this presencing must, in terms of the personal development of the Adept, be on a limited, short-term basis, otherwise the forms themselves begin to dominate the Sinister Intent.

And in the journey towards the Sinister, Satan is not a “shell” to be discarded but an ever-present gate via which the further reaches are explored. This is so because, in practical terms, there does not exist at present another earthly form which so quintessentially brings the Sinister. It is therefore the duty of all Sinister Magickians/Cliologists, at whatever stage of their development, to ensure that this Satanic Gate remains fully open for future travellers.

The reality is that no judgement counter to this can be made without first fully embarking upon the Sinister Seven-Fold Way (qv. Naos) for at least c. 4-5 years. Without this particular practical experiencing of what is described by Sinister Adepts as “Satanic”, then there can be no basis to judge what is or is not valid. This is because the way of Satanism is a practical system of Sinister living: it is not simply a “Faustian” philosophy to be agreed with, or intellectually dismissed.


III) The Cosmic

The Way of Satanism seeks to presence what is new and alternative. This is not simply a case of being “different” for the sake of it. As previously explained, the challenge of the Sinister Way lies not only in aiding existing Aeonic forms, but also crafting new forms which extend and evolve the ethos contained in the former.

This crafting requires great esoteric skill. It involves allowing a flow of acausal forces to dictate the evolving of the new form, as opposed to creating a foundation based on the researching of the “histories” and well-known myths of past traditions. This latter approach involves fulfilling obvious expectations – expectations/perceptions/ideas that have been createdby others, in accord with a particular form of social engineering [modern day “wicca” is one such example]. Such a form is not really numinous – it does not possess Life.

A Satanic form has been brought to Being by an individual using their “inner eye”: that is, by an individual practicing the art of cosmic empathy.  This process cannot really be adequately described except by stating that it occurs when an individual flows with what is. In crafting a form, a basic foudation is deliberately created – arrived at via esoteric techniques rather than dry academia – which is then carefully nurtured. This nurturing is a delicate balance between shaping the direction of the form by individual reasoning and experience, and allowing space for supra-personal forces to dictate the evolving.

In doing this, the individual must be constantly vigilant that they are not using the form for personal ends: instead, there should be an acceptance that the form once created – ie. practically active in the real world – must begin to evolve according to its own organic nature and life-span. If the form is numinous, then it will possess its own Destiny in accordance with the greater Wyrd of the Cosmos.

The creativity of such an individual is the living song of the Cosmos, and not the mundane ‘cultural’ voice of the status quo.

By using this “inner eye/voice” as a guide, startling new forms, which surpass all previous creations, are possible. But, as previously stated, this “newness” is not sought for its own sake: it is sought in order to continue and advance the evolution of the essence, or Cosmic spirit. That is, the “essence” or ethos remains as a constant, but the outward forms must change in order to reveal ever more greater expressions of the essence (4).

What many aspiring Sinister initiates seem to forget – or simply do not know – is that the Sinister, in essence and practice, is beyond “history”. That is, what is Sinister is something which is beyond even the reverence for the great deeds of our ancestors. This is not to say that such a reverence is somehow “wrong”: rather, what is fundamentally unrepresentative of the Sinister is the attempt to cage it within the practice of ancestral reverence. Even this reverence, beyond a certain point, becomes a certain ‘thing’ with its own boundaries which ultimately limits the Sinister.

Even this reverence, for the aspiring Sinister Adept, beyond a certain point, becomes something which no longer empowers Sinister intent, but hinders. What is Sinister is what is beyond this certain point. If there is no practical expression of what is beyond this certain point in the real world, then what is Sinister cannot exist.

Essentially, some circumstances will require a continuation of some traditions/systems, while others will require a complete break – the inauguration of a new era. In this, what matters is whether some existing forms are still living nexions by which the Cosmos is made manifest, or whether those forms have become an inadequate expression of a life force that is characterized by vitality, defiance and genius.

This newness, this creative Change, is not so difficult to achieve as many might assume. As regards esoteric matters, individuals must be inspired to think differently about “magick” and its methods of expression. The Future Magick, its techniques and rites, must be allowed to evolve naturally over a period of experimentation. If individuals – either solo or in a gathering – decide to approach “worship” in a different way, then gradually new forms will emerge. Only once these forms have been tried and tested with ruthless honesty and found to significantly advance the practice of magick, can they be recorded and made public – but not before [the esoteric reasons for this approach should be obvious].

As a guide to these new techniques, individuals should use, as their main focus, the Galaxy and its exploration and conquest. Obvious poetic eulogies to the stars should be avoided: instead new and strange expressions should be created – ie. a new language, chants, forms of dress…Experimentation will show what is and what is not possessed of numinousity.

The direction of this new magick lies in a complete break from the old magickal techniques of spells, circles, robes (etc.), because the very nature of magick itself challenges us to evolve a new form that will effectively render such things as archaic. According to this new magick, there should be a move away from allegory and a move towards the creation of modes of Being which actually are the Cosmos itself (5). That is, “magick” should become a way to keep alive and conscious a supra-personal vision and ideal.

And esoterically, “magick” should evolve to be understood as a way to make conscious, both within and external to individuals, a region  where all Life exists as a unified whole (6). In practice, this is the nexion that will bring the new Aeon.

This approach will ultimately lead to a synthesis of forms – of both esoteric and exoteric. This synthesis will be characteristic of a new type of Human life: one which will no longer need to practice “magick”, or any other such thing – be that ‘thing’ “politics”, “philosophy”, “history”, or whatever. Instead, the reality, the apprehension that we as “occultists” all seek, will be lived…

This acceleration in evolution will not occur through the imposition of some dogma or ‘social reform’: it will occur naturally because we who seek – we who are the Cosmos – will have seeded its spirit by our desire.


IV) Conclusion: The Satanic Master Plan Revealed

This uniting with All Life – the Cosmos – is one of the great stages yet to be implemented in Human history. However, this synthsis, while implicit within our Destiny, will not necessarily occur of itself. Rather, it must be brought to Being – it must be fought for, since we also possess the capacity to destroy this potential.

This synthesis will occur only if a Galactic Empire is made a reality. The purpose of Future – or ‘Stellar’ – magick therefore, is to draw forth from this most vital of ideals the numinousity necessary to inspire the psyche of our species: to promote the Galactic vision as the only ideal worth striving for.

For the next few centuries at least, the ultimate goal of the Sinister Way – the ultimate aim of the “Satanic master plan” – is this aiding of our species to seed thestars. It is a goal that is, and should be, shared with many others outside of Traditional Satanism.

Each will have their part to play: for Satanism and the Sinister Way, it lies in reaching out into the cold spaces of Beyond to bring the extraterrestrial to reality.


C. Riabhaich, 109yf

Published by the Venn Community, Shropshire, August 1998eh; Vindex Press, USA, 1998eh.

(1) The difference between an archetype and a numinous symbol is crucial to esoteric understanding, but is seldom if ever discussed outside Traditional Satanism (qv. Eira: A Satanic Guide to Future Magick and Aeonic Magick – A Basic Introduction).

(2) This “magickal” evolving is represented by the unified symbolism of the ‘Tree of Wyrd’ (qv. Naos).

(3) Fundamentally, this evolution is expressed via the spawning of new symbols, new archetypes, and new mythos (see aforementioned Order MSS)

(4) See chapter IV of Eira – A Satanic Guide to Future Magick.

(5) The Septenary Star Game is an important aspect of this new magick – qv. Naos and Hostia.

(6) It should be clear that the meaning of this unification with “All Life” does not lend credence to a “politically correct” concept of “equality” and the other socially engineered visions (such as the “ideal” of a “global village”): rather, it refers to the esoteric apprehension of the acausal/acausal time (qv. MSS on ‘Time’).


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